Mercury Retrograde

     Mercury retrograde is stressful, but it really does not have to be!  There really are two sides to every coin, and focusing on only one side  will not allow you to grow. Would you look at a plant and only focus on  the benefits, and not the negatives? That is the mindset we should be  having with retrogrades in general.  

 So, Mercury, What About It?

     Mercury is the fastest planet, so they are rarely ever in one place. This energy carries though whatever Mercury does- restlessness. Also, being a very fast planet, it makes sense that this planet rules  transportation. However, Mercury also rules communication and  information. This can be how we relay or receive information. Mercury  can also rule our expression and train of thought. 

 What Even Is A Retrograde?

     So, in actuality the planet is not actually stopping or going  backwards, but because of how earth is positioned and moving, the planet  can appear to be going backwards, but in actuality it is not! However,  the effects are still the same. How does that even work? If you are in a really fast car, but the car beside you is not going as fast, as you  pass the car it looks like it is going backwards as you pass by, even  though it is clearly going forward.

     We do not have to be going as fast if the car is farther away though, which can explain how planets go retrograde even if faster than Earth!  

 Mercury Is Retrograde! 

     Worry not! This is fine, and I genuinely mean that. Mercury Retrograde  is the perfect time to go back and catch up on all the things you got  going on instead of adding more to the table. Now is the time to get  over your ex, or to revise your resume, or even pick up something you  once put down! Now is the time to look back and finish what you may have  missed, without starting anything new.

     If you have no WiFi, but are working on an essay, you wouldn’t stop working just because there is no WiFi to research more! Now would be the perfect time to go back on the sources you already have and get  information for your essay and prepare your citations. However, if you have no sources yet, now is the time to plan out your essay. Now is the  time for planning but not acting! By doing so, your essay would be much more effective- this is the same with this Retrograde!  

      Taking into account the sign and your houses can be important too. However, I won’t go that deep right now. 

      If you were playing a game, it would be best to roam the map before getting to the next area, collecting as much experience and items as you  can. This can make the game play easier, even if it means putting more  hours in. This is the same thing Mercury wants us to do! Get that  experience! Get familiar with our resources! Maybe even learn something  new! However, now is not the time to go to the next step. We got to  level up first. Now is the time for gathering that experience. 

 If It Isn’t So Bad, Why Is x Happening? 

      The reason is because you are trying to force something when it is not  it’s time. Have you ever forced a flower to bloom? It never works out well and can end up damaging the flower. Back with the internet example- if the WiFi is not working, it never matters how many times you refresh the page. By doing so, you are only stressing yourself out. 

      People seem to have the mindset that every little thing that goes wrong is Mercury’s fault. While it is for sure not helping, it is not entirely Mercury’s fault. What we need to do is plan around this. Do not start something new at this time, but go back to something that was never finished! 


In conclusion, it ain’t that bad. Take a deep breath, you’ll be fine. I believe in you!

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