Astrology Basics

 Hello, and welcome! If you are here, you are probably here because you  are curious about what exactly Astrology is. First, however, I am going  to chat with you a bit on why I am qualified to hand you this  information.

    Hi! I’m Crescent. I have been studying Astrology for a few years, and combine my Astrology knowledge with my intuition to receive messages you need to hear. Many of my past lives have worked with the stars, so a lot of my intuitive messages come from them. My goal is to help guide you to be the best you that you can be, and to take charge of your life by making the planets and their placements work for you and not the other way around. Now, let’s dive in.

We may be familiar with our sun sign- which rules our self-image, but there is way more to that. How do we think? Feel? Express? React? What are our strengths? Weaknesses? Let me explain the other planets and what aspects of your life they rule.

  • Moon rules our emotions- ever hear the saying “Everyone is acting up  because it is a full moon?” There is some truth to that! The moon very  much does effect how we feel- and where it was when we were born shows  us how we experience our emotions. For example- If the moon was in  Libra, the person may experience emotion is more in justness- you will  catch them saying “That’s not fair!” or downplaying their emotions  because others are going through much worse. Another example is the moon  in Cancer- this is more intense, sensitive, and protective energy and  that plays out in how one will experience their emotions. 
  •  Venus is all about what you find attractive- aesthetic wise and  relationship wise. Venus in Gemini may find that they are attracted to  intellect, books, and are also very social and flirty. They do not like  to commit, they prefer to explore all the options and this is very  different from a Venus Capricorn which is very serious, likes everything  to be a certain way, and are very reserved when it comes to  relationships. 
  •  Mars is how we act, desire, and how we express ourselves. Mars in Aries  is direct, but like a firework it never lasts long. There is that burst  and then it is done. This is also true for anger- they get very  hot-headed but it never lasts. They are not known to hold grudges, Now,  Mars in Cancer would be very protective to those they care about, and  while they may seem scary like an angry mama bear, they are very  sensitive and will be seen as overly-emotional (depending on the moon  sign, but I will get into that later). 
  •  Jupiter is the planet of abundance, growth, and knowledge. This is not  always a positive thing though- there is such a thing as an abundance of  negative things, and there are placements which can show struggles with  learning certain topics. For example, Jupiter in Sagittarius would love  to learn and explore everything, which can lead to people thinking you  are a bit of a know-it-all. On the other hand, Jupiter in Capricorn may  focus more on one topic at a time, and really want to take the time to  specialize in a topic before going into it. Capricorn is also very  serious, and are also very hard on themselves so when it comes to being  disappointed in themselves, this becomes very likely. 
  •  Saturn is all about ambition, structure, and restrictions. For example,  if Saturn is in Gemini that would mean that they are easily frustrated  because they feel overwhelmed. However, they are also really great at  communicating and going around those barriers because of their  creativity and ambition. If in Aquarius, however, you will find that  that person tends to be really skeptical and impartial. They don’t like  thinking of the future, and are more focused on the now. 

     Now, this information is all great, but there is one more thing- your  rising sign. This is the sign people typically will pick up on first-  this is the sign that represents how others perceive you, especially for  first impressions. If someone has a Leo rising, they tend to be strong  leader types and are very friendly. People tend to naturally gravitate  towards them. Libra Risings on the other hand will be perceived to be  fair, intelligent, as well as a tad flirtatious without even trying. 


     All the planets communicate with one another. This shows us how certain signs can be shown in practicality. If your placements were ingredients for a cake, these aspects are how they mix with one another. Some can be amazing (like strawberries and chocolates)  and others can be challenging (ice cream and ketchup). This is where I come in- I look at this chart and I explain to you exactly what it means  and how you can use this information in your life! 

 Does that sound good? Email me at and let me know, so we can start your free consultation! 

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