All I Want To Do Is Help.

I always wanted to help people, ever since I was a tiny child. Now, as a small adult, I am able to make my dream come true.
I work hard to handcraft all the items in my shop to help others heal and grow spiritually. I am a firm believer that in order to truly heal, you cannot neglect any aspect of yourself - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Here is the place you can work on the spiritual aspect!
As you can see, I also offer Divination services such as Tarot and Astrology, even though I actually have much more methods. This is more so to help you with gaining a peace of mind, and feeling heard and understood. This is best transmitted through my LIVE readings, but here on Etsy you get digital ones, which is more for advice on how to make any current situation better.
I am excited to continue to grow!, and I am so thankful you are here for the journey!

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